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About Us
The north star arch valve of the world north valve group    North valve group is located in the center of Beijing economic and technological development zone supporting area, chairman of the board of directors of the company HongYiXiang from the beginning to the "product quality is the foundation, technology innovation is the motivation, whole-hearted service is the guarantee" the 21st word principle "as the core concept of enterprise development, led a group of vigorous north valve through wi...
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Project Case
Hydropower station case
Hydropower station caseHydropower station caseHydropower sta...
Chemical plant cases
Chemical plant casesChemical plant casesChemical plant cases...
Nuclear power stations
Nuclear power stationsNuclear power stationsNuclear power st...
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> 蝶閥的結構和在使用過程存在的問題
> 大型蝶閥導向柱偏斜變形的處理
> 三偏心蝶閥密封面聯動磨削的運動特性分析
> 彈性金屬硬密封蝶閥的結構特點
> 偏心密封蝶閥及其它蝶閥的基本知識
> 對夾式蝶閥的蝶板安裝
> 閥門知識大全閥門知識原理閥門基礎知識
> 法蘭蝶閥用途和特點
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Address:No. 1, qirong road, changzi camp, daxing district, Beijing
E-mail:beifavip@163.com; beifa@chinabeifa.com